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Being Accused of a Crime Can Be Earth-Shattering and Life-Altering.

But the first order of business is to hire an attorney who will immediately hit the ground running and begin taking the appropriate legal steps to clear your name. 

If you are charged with a crime in Colorado, you want the most skilled and aggressive advocate on your side. Lama, Luchetta & LeDoux will put everything into making sure you are defended fairly and accurately. 

When your life and future are on the line, you want a team with two of the best defenders in the state of Colorado. Mr. Lama and Mr. LeDoux are the attorneys you want fighting on your side. They practice across the state with primary focus in Colorado Springs, Cañon City and Salida. 

Our criminal defense expertise areas include: 

Criminal Defense

If you are being charged with assault, it is important to hire an attorney immediately. Assault charges can range from misdemeanor to felony. Misdemeanor assault charges involve minor injuries, while felony assault charges typically involve serious bodily injuries, or assault committed with a deadly weapon.

Burglary in Colorado includes entering any locked container or building with the intent to commit a crime. There are degrees of burglary (first, second or third) based on the property damage and the danger to any people involved in the crime. 

Child abuse is the injury or threat of injury to a child’s life or health. Child abuse charges can be either misdemeanors or felonies, with all charges potentially including jail time if you don’t have the best legal representation. 

As defined by Colorado Law, Domestic Violence is any act or threat of violence made upon a person in an intimate relationship with the accused. Like with many other charges, there are varying degrees (first, second, third). Ramsey Lama and Thom LeDoux can handle any level of domestic violence charge.

Drug Distribution is a serious offense in the State of Colorado. Whether the sale of drugs was a misdemeanor or a felony depends on the scale of the drug selling operation. 

Drug possession means having physical control over a drug. There are 3 different types of possession in Colorado: actual possession (physically possessing the drug), constructive possession (having control of the drug but not touching it: ie, having it in a safe in your home), and joint possession (a couple having their drugs in a shared space.) Whether the charge is a misdemeanor or s felony depends on what drugs were in possession and how much. 

  • DUI - DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence and can include being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and even some prescription medications. A blood alcohol content of .08% or above creates a legal presumption of DUI. 
  • DWAIDriving While Ability Impaired is reserved for those who are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but whose blood alcohol content still falls under the legal limit. A blood alcohol content of .05 - .799% creates a legal presumption of DWAI.

In Colorado, the five primary categories of homicide crimes are as follows:
  • First Degree Murder - Any killings that are premeditated or planned. 
  • Second Degree Murder -Knowingly causing the death of a person, but not premeditated or after deliberation.
  • Vehicular Homicide - Fatal accidents with a vehicle caused by reckless driving or DUI.
  • Manslaughter - Engaging in reckless behavior that results in the death of another person. 
  • Criminally Negligent Homicide - This occurs when someone engages in behavior that is negligent, and that behavior results in the death of another person. 

In some cases, judges can revoke a defendant’s probation and choose to imose a prison or jail sentence authorized for the level of offense he or she pled guilty to. With an experienced lawyer, these revocations can be challenged.


With experienced representation, these revocations can be challenged. 

Also known as a restraining order, protection orders protect one party from another party by prohibiting them from the filer’s home, school and workplace. If a protection order is violated, it is a criminal offense. 

Robbery is the theft of something from another person with the use of threats, force or intimidation. There are 3 types of robbery in Colorado: robbery, aggravated robbery, and aggravated robbery of controlled substances. Robbery is considered a serious offense in the state of Colorado, therefore it is always a felony. 

Sexual offenses in Colorado include:
  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Incest
  • Enticement of a child
  • Unlawful sexual contact
  • Juvenile sex crimes
  • Sexual exploitation of a child
  • Internet luring of a child
  • Sexual contact
  • Prostitution
  • Indecent exposure
  • Sexual assault on a child (SAOC)
Lama, Luchetta & LeDoux can work with you if you are being accused of a sex crime. 
Theft, the unlawful taking of someone's property, and identity theft, the fraudulent use of personal information, are complex legal issues that require a skilled criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.

if you are being accused, investigated, or charged of a crime

Lama, Luchetta & LeDoux Will Be With You Every Step of the Way, With Clear Communication and Expert Counsel.

Ramsey Lama and Thom LeDoux know the best course of action, regardless of where you are in the legal process. They work tirelessly for all of their clients to ensure the best possible results.

Meet Your Attorneys

Ramsey Lama is a former public defender and judge who has handled thousands of criminal cases. With each and every case, Mr. Lama passionately fights to ensure that clients’ rights are always protected. 

With attorney Thom LeDoux, a former district attorney and prosecutor, your defense team will possess unmatched legal insights. Both Lama and LeDoux represent individuals who are charged with all varying degrees of crime: misdemeanors, felonies and municipal charges.

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