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you deserve an attorney that will defend you better

You were convicted of a crime and you feel your defender did not do their due diligence or did not properly represent you.

Let Lama, Luchetta & LeDoux take a look at your case to see if, in fact, you could be eligible for a new trial. 

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“Of all the rights that an accused person has, the right to be represented by counsel is by far the most pervasive for it affects his ability to assert any other rights he may have.”

United States v. Cronic, 466 U.S. 648, 653–54(1984)

unlike before you were convicted

Astonishingly, there is no constitutional right to counsel in post-conviction proceedings. 

In Colorado, there is a limited right to post-conviction counsel if your Rule 35(c) motion has arguable merit. 

(Silva v. People, 156 P.3d 1164, 1167 (Colo. 2007).

If you want to ask the court for help, you have to fill out a specific form by yourself.

They might give you a lawyer if your reasons for asking seem valid. But if you don't explain things well, they'll reject your request.

If you're ready to fill out your Form 4, but feeling overwhelmed, it's time to call Lama, Luchetta & LeDoux. 

help me with form 4

How do people who represent themselves figure out if they have good reasons for help?

How do those with no legal training fill out a form full of legal jargon designed for law professionals to understand?

And wouldn't it be better if those who are convicted had lawyers to guide them?

Lama & LeDoux believes those who feel they were wrongfully represented should get a second chance in front of a judge.

“Most of us… we know what happened
and how we feel, like I know that was
messed up, but legally I can’t explain it.
Legally, we don’t know shit.”

- Former Client of Ramsey Lama


We’re not in the business of taking your money for nothing. 

Lama & LeDoux will first conduct a preliminary investigation with an eye toward finding claims for relief. 

Hiring private counsel to file a Rule 35(c) petition can be cost prohibitive. The preliminary investigation fee agreement is far less expensive and allows defendants the opportunity to have an expert review their case. 

With their extensive experience as both a judge and DA, Lama & LeDoux will look through court records with a keen eye, spend time speaking with you about your experience in the courtroom, and pour through documents prior to taking your case.

This preliminary investigation, at a minimum, helps ensure that an informed decision is made about what to do next. 

If claims are found, only then will Lama & LeDoux quote you the full cost of filing a Rule 35(c) petition. 

Lama & LeDoux knows the ins and outs of complex litigation and will ensure that no stone goes unturned when it comes to your case.

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contact us now

If you believe you were wrongly convicted, Lama & LeDoux are the attorney who can help you. 

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We know that finding the right attorney is an important decision.
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Why settle for anything but the best? We are here to protect your future. Contact Lama, Luchetta & LeDoux to help you fight for your freedom or family. 

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